“I have been to a few different studios in the area with my daughter and this is by far the best most professional dance studio! She has learned more in 1 year than in the 6 years at other dance studios. I have recommended them to everyone who asks!”

Diana Pullen

“I noticed the opportunity to review and just had to leave my 2 cents! I attended HD for 10 years as a young dancer, from 6-16 years old until my family moved to the Midwest. I was one of the original “Diamond Dancers!” šŸ™‚ Miss April made sure that we learned more than technique and “tricks.” She and all of our instructors taught us to enjoy dance and to always respect ourselves, each other, and everyone everywhere we went. I never felt under pressure to look a certain way or to get the top awards every time we were out at competitions. HD accepted everyone with a desire to learn, no matter their shape or what others would call “disabilities.”

These days, the world of studio dance has more tricks and flips and contortions, and I can see that HD has kept up with the trends of the industry. But I also see that Miss April and her team are still making sure that their students learn to dance with heart. Age-appropriate, classy (with just the right amount of well-used sass), the loving family environment I grew up in – I am so glad to see how much HD has grown.

Now that I’m all grown up, I’ve been blessed with other great instructors since my time at HD, having gone on to earn my college degree in Dance. I still dance today and I’m responsible for teaching others what I’ve learned. I can truly say that a big part of what I teach today is everything I learned at HD. So I suppose I can now say that Howell Dance has become more than a dance studio. It has now become a legacy. <3″

Kimberly Blosser

“My niece has gone to this dance school for over a decade. Howell Dance is like a second home to her and the teachers and director like family. My niece has grown up to be beautiful and graceful dancer thanks to Howell Dance. Every show I have attended has been a wonderful experience never to be forgotten.”

Sylvia S. Costantino

“My Wife and I have been sending our kids (now teenages) to Howell Dance since they were 5 & 6 and we absolutely love it!”

Brian McCann

“My daughter started dancing at 3 years old with another school and we came to HD when she was 9. What she has learned in the last 2 years at Howell Dance is absolutely amazing! we are so happy we made the move! Everyone is so friendly and accepted us from Day one! The recital is amazing and a pleasure to watch! looking forward to many more years here!”

Erica Guerrino Lagary

“My daughter has been a dancer at Howell Dance for five years now and absolutely loves it. She gets all the attention that she needs from the teachers and the assistants in the dance classes. I like that the classes are kept small here. The recitals are so well organized and keep getting better each and every year. My daughter and I are both looking forward to her taking the new acro classes this summer being offered.

Overall, my experience at Howell Dance has been very positive, and I would recommend anyone from the surrounding area to look into this school. We live in Jackson and chose Howell Dance over the other schools in the area because of their great reputation and convenient location. My daughter is extremely happy here and has made many friends in her classes, and looks forward to dance every week.”

Cindy L. from Jackson, NJ

“My daughter has been dancing here since she is 3 years old and she is now 14 and absolutely loves Howell Dance. My daughter now does 12 classes and dances 4 nights a week and would dance 7 nights if there were classes.”

Coleen R. from Howell, NJ

“I currently am a part of the Howell Dance FAMILY and have been so since before pre-school. I am going into my senior and final year but could not have asked to spend the past 14 years any differently. From as long as I can remember every at the studio is FAMILY. I am a diamond dancer and I’ve truly learned what family means from the teachers and my fellow dancers. At Howell Dance we learn to respect others and ourselves, we also learn what it truly means to dance. Dancing isn’t all about the steps and remembering things you learn about the passion and technique involved. I assistant teach the younger girls, competition and non-competition, and I love seeing how excited they get when they learn something new. The younger girls always walk into class excited to dance! Recitals are a blast too! I know the company kids, including myself, always get so excited to spend the weekend together. Non-company kids get excited to dress up in their costumes and perform onstage for their families. The recitals are so organized and run extremely smooth. Every year there’s a new surprise during recital like lights or magic wands, can’t wait til this years! Even though my time at Howell Dance is almost over I will continue to visit and see everyone and their achievements. Thank you Miss April for an amazing 14 almost 15 years at your studio!”

Katie S. from Howell, NJ

“I have been a part of the Howell Dance “FAMILY” for the past 5 years. I emphasis “family” because the staff truly cares about the success and happiness of their dancers/customers while providing a family environment. Before I enrolled my daughter enrolled in Howell Dance, she had attended another studio the area- no name mentioned. It was a wake up call when I realized the amount of professionalism and talent of Howell Dance’s students and staff as opposed to the lack of in my daughters previous studio. I have watched my daughter bloom into a beautiful, disciplined dancer and I love watching her excel and grow each year. From one very involved parent to another- do not send your children anywhere else. Howell Dance- I give you 5 stars for your 5 star dance education and service!”

Haley P. from Englishtown, NJ

“I was a student of Howell Dance for 15 years. Those years were full of amazing performance opportunities, excellent teachers, and strong friendships that have lasted to this day. When the day comes that I have children, I would not send them to any other studio. Howell Dance is a large professional dance company that provides a humble, close-net environment which is very hard to find. The staff is in it for the love of dance and their students- unlike the local students who are commercialized and are in it for the money.”

Katelyn L. from Farmingdale, NJ

“I will start by stating that I was a dancer at Howell Dance for over 10 years back in the 90’s and early 2000s. For 10 years I worked around my schedule of playing hockey and marching with the Jackson band to make sure I was at dance class. I am now a proud father and a military member trying to work my way back to New Jersey so I can give my kid the life that I had. To this day everytime I receive orders to Fort Dix I swing by Howell Dance to say hello to the staff.

Anytime Miss April is there she always welcomes me with open arms and even tells the children dancing that I was a student there a long time ago. It truly is an amazing feeling to go home and have people remember your face and things you’ve done in the past. This studio is one of those places. I have never had a problem with this school, nor do I see the staff being out for the money. I would say this studio is a very family friendly environment and one that I am proud to have had in my life.”

Kyle J. from Virginia Beach, VA

“My daughter has been attending Howell Dance since she was 3 years old. She is now 9 years old and a Diamond Dancer. She has enjoyed her experiences at this dance school immensely and has learned so much!! I am so proud of her!!

A couple of years ago my son started taking breakdance and hip hop and hasn’t stopped!! He loves it, and he is always so excited to show any new moves he has learned!!

April and her staff are wonderful!! They feel more like a family!! They take a sincere interest in our children!! Over the years, they have answered any questions or concerns I have had!!

Check it out!!”

Melanie F. from Howell, NJ

“My daughter has been dancing at Howell Dance for 8 years now & each year is a new & wonderful experience. recitals are beautiful, very professional, well done & Miss April always has the children’s well being & safety as her 1st priority. all the teachers, staff are equally educated making sure the children have a good, healthy experience & grow up with a love for dance. my daughter adores her Howell Dance family & so do I!!!!”

Tlp T. from Howell, NJ

“My daughter has been at Howell Dance Dance for many years and is a part of he competition team and always looks forward to going to class, and performing. The teachers and staff are very helpful and make the experience an enjoyable one for her. She has commented several times about how the teachers encourage her and help to enhance her skills. She is very excited to be part of this Dance School. Every part of the experience is organized and efficient for parents as well. The staff has the best interest of the students as their top priority.”

Judith L. from Freehold Township, NJ

“After having danced for 7 years at another Howell dancing school and the horrible and unethical treatment my three children received there, we are thrilled being at Howell Dance. We have been here for the last 9 years and every year i’m more thankful I made the switch. I have never had a teacher that wasn’t caring, knowledgeable or fair. The costumes are affordable and adorableā€¦the recital a joy! Thank you Miss April for giving my daughters the love of dance.”

Dee R. from Howell, NJ

“After having danced for 7 years at another Howell dancing school and the horrible and unethical treatment my three children received there, we are thrilled being at Howell Dance. We have been here for the last 9 years and every year i’m more thankful I made the switch. I have never had a teacher that wasn’t caring, knowledgeable or fair. The costumes are affordable and adorableā€¦the recital a joy! Thank you Miss April for giving my daughters the love of dance.”

Dee R. from Howell, NJ

“Howell Dance has been a part of our lives since my daughter was three years old. She is now 13 and still loving every minute of her time spent there. Her teachers have not only taught her how to dance, but taught her how to be a performer. The owner and staff work very hard to keep their students well trained and happy, and it shows in every performance they do. I would highly recommend taking your child to this studio. It is a great family to be a part of!!!”

Colette M. from Howell, NJ

“My daughter has been a student at Howell Dance since she was 3 years old. She is turning 17 this December and would not think of dancing anywhere else. Yes, there are rules for the studio. They are there for our children’s safety and protection. The teachers go into NYC every year for training and to keep up on new trends in dance. To the mom whose 4 year old no longer wanted to go to dance, perhaps she just didn’t like dancing.

These days with reality shows like “Dance Moms” out there every woman thinks her kid should be a rockette. The reality of dance training at a reputable school such as Howell Dance is that your child will get the PROPER training in dance technique, they will learn to get along with others, they will grow confident with each performance. My daughter’s time at Howell Dance will end soon, but the LIFE lessons she has learned there will never be forgotten.”

Elizabeth M. from Jackson, NJ

“Howell Dance is a excellent dancing school, my daughter been going since she was 3 yrs old and she is now 11. Miss April and all her teachers are wonderful and compassionate. They make dancing fun and something for the kids to look foward to.
The costumes she chooses are age appropriate and very affordable. She works very hard to have an award winning school and we are proud to be apart of it.
Well Done Miss April and Her staff”

R P. from Howell, NJ

“My daughter is finishing up her first year at this dance school. The staff has been wonderful. The hours are perfect for a working parent to be involved. I am so excited for the recital!”

Kim D. from Toms River, NJ

“”Great school, thank you so much for teaching my children.”

Marc B. from Freehold Township, NJ